New Concordance course worth the investment

MP900409615[1] Emerging Litigation Technologies, LLC and Spectrum Consultants are pleased to announce a joint venture in providing legal professionals with a series of E-Learning Modules on Concordance® document management software from LexisNexis®. Colette Perkins and Sara Youngers are certified professionals with over fifteen years of combined, hands-on experience applying and educating on nationally recognized litigation technology software applications.

Concordance Fundamentals – Module One

  • Introduction: why Concordance?
  • ESI: easily load all your data on one review platform
  • Navigating: how to navigate your data
  • Viewing: viewing your images and electronic documents
  • Sorting Techniques: making viewing easier
  • Searching: finding the needle in the haystack
  • Integrations: integrate with many powerful products
  • Editing Data: how to code, load, and edit your information
  • Tagging: organizing the case facts
  • Depositions: reviewing, issue coding, annotating
  • Printing: extract the information you need
  • Concatenation: joining your databases
  • Taking your data on the road: connect to your Concordance databases from anywhere thru FYI and Replication

    When:  Tuesday July 26 and Thursday July 28th


$295.00 per student (discounted rates for two or five attendees)


  • Free 30-day Application Support.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • 10% Discount towards another course.
  • Miss a class? Slide decks and recorded sessions will be available 24/7, on-demand, for 30 days after completion of course.

When you sign up, please check the box notification from OLP or KNOW.  The proceeds go to OLP's fund for scholarships for legal professionals who have been out of work for the long term.

Here is the link for EST classes:

Here is the link for Pacific time classes

Thanks so much!

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