National Staffing Organization Opens MediSums, Medical Records Summarizing


Logo.MediSums.FacebookNational Legal Staffing Organization Announces Formation of MediSums, Medical Records Summarizing, Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Estrin Legal Staffing Expands to Include Medicolegal Services in New Division


LOS ANGELES, CA – Tuesday, May 19, 2020 – Newly-formed MediSums, a division of Estrin Legal Staffing, adds chronologies and medical record summaries prepared by licensed doctors and legal nurses to its client services. The launch comes at a critical time as the COVID-19 global pandemic adds pressure with personal injury, med/mal, products liability, mass tort, healthcare, workers comp cases and insurance claims on the rise.

“The best Plan B's are different, but related to what you are doing now,” says MediSums CEO, Chere Estrin. “We saw the great need for these services and organized a highly credentialed team of top experts who are prepared and ready to provide unparalleled support to the legal and insurance industry through these trying times.”

MediSums provides swift, affordable, HIPAA compliant summaries prepared by licensed doctors and legal nurses in a chronological, single, easy-to-browse and easy-to-understand view. Clients can access an up-to-date status of a patient's current medical situation as well as relevant highlights of their records.

“Our experts collaborate with consultants in all areas of litigation, and can render medical opinions and create deposition questions on standard of care, healthcare delivery and outcomes,” says Allen S. Brody, Esq., President of MediSums. “Our highly talented team offers quality assistance from initial review to document preparation, client interviews, deposition questions, hearings and medical analysis. The difference with MediSums is that clients can get bona fide medical opinions and deposition questions." Estrin and Brody also serve as President and General Counsel respectively for the well-known online legal technology training company, the Organization of Legal Professionals.

Medical records provided by MediSums are available via secure servers and returned with clinical information and key facts on a visual timeline presented using standard or customized templates. Missing, redacted, or incomplete records are identified quickly. Narrative summaries provide clear and concise reviews of the entire sequence of events ,and are completed only by a licensed doctor or legal nurse consultant who understands complex medical data.

About MediSums

MediSums offers medical chronologies and summaries prepared by licensed doctors and legal nurses, utilizing patient's Electronic Health Records (EHR) in a chronological and concise view.  For more information visit

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"Compensation Survey Shows Lofty Rewards for Firms"

What do law firms bill their clients? You might be surprised; then again, maybe not:

"Miami attorney Eugene Stearns may prove true the old cliche about getting what you pay for.

"The plaintiffs attorney is credited with taking a teetering case against ExxonMobil and turning it around to win his clients a $1.1 billion judgment.

"After the verdict, Stearns and other firms who worked on the 15-year-old case brought against the oil company by gas station owners battled over what they should be paid.

"Stearns asserted his firm was instrumental [PDF link] in winning a case that was bogged down and going nowhere when his firm signed on 10 years ago.

"U.S. District Judge Alan S. Gold agreed. He threw out a fee agreement signed when Stearns first joined the case in 1996 and awarded his firm $249 million in fees, more than triple what the firm would have received under the agreement.

"In the July fee ruling [PDF link], Gold called Stearns' work in the case 'groundbreaking' and 'highly skilled.'

"But Stearns is a pricey lawyer to have on your side, billing $700 an hour, the highest fee found for a south Florida attorney in the Daily Business Review's first annual lawyer billing survey."

"Triple Grande Extra Frivolous Lawsuit"

So, what do you think? Frivolous case or does it have merit?

"Much like Johnny "Drama" [link in article], when Starbucks regular Kelly Coakley had her free drink coupon rejected, she took action.  On Friday, the 23-year-old Queens paralegal joined forces with lawyer Peter Sullivan in bringing a $144 million lawsuit against the Seattle coffee conglomerate, alleging 'betrayal' and 'fraud.'  Starbucks circulated e-mail coupons for a free grande drink [PDF link] on August 23rd but pulled the promotion last week when the viral marketing spread beyond their control.  Sullivan, who is seeking class action status, became inspired to sue after seeing lines of 'angry' customers outside a New York City store clutching their useless coupons."

The reader comments following this brief statement are mixed. But isn't it nice/smart that Caribou Coffee now says it will honor the Starbucks coupons?

"Simpson Thacher Achieves Denial of Class Certification"

Firm's press release on winning the case also acknowledges paralegals!

Although the firm does not currently post paralegal bios, a site search pulls up several more press releases naming paralegals as part of the team:

"On July 11, 2006, the Firm [Simpson Thacher & Bartlett] won the dismissal of a consolidated ERISA putative class action filed against American Electric Power. The dismissal of this ERISA action culminated four years of litigation in which the Firm successfully achieved the dismissal of each of a large number of litigations filed against AEP, including federal court securities class actions, state and federal court derivative actions, and federal court ERISA actions.


"The Simpson Thacher team includes Michael Chepiga, Joe McLaughlin, George Wang, Charlie Divine, Issa Mikel and paralegals Mario Hyacinth and Tracy Williams."