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Two Unbelievable Reasons Why Paralegal Resumes Get Tossed

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Are You Guilty of This?

By Chere B. Estrin

Are you sending your paralegal resume out with little or no response? Are you thinking about seeking a new position but not sure whether your resume will meet the test?

Let’s talk turkey. I hear over and over from paralegals telling me: 

  • They don’t know why they are not getting interviews
  • They have sent their resume out dozens of times with minimal results
  • The market is flooded with resumes like theirs
  • They think they are rejected because it absolutely, positively has to be age, gender or racial discrimination
  • They think they are rejected because they are over or under qualified.
  • sometimes small details we aren't aware of can hurt us.

Follow the link to see the 2 most common reasons paralegal resumes get tossed!

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