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Game Changing Positions: Are You Ready To Make An Awesome Career Move?

In today’s market, good candidates are severely hard to find. Attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, managers, marketing, IT, accounting – all legal professionals actually have the upper hand in this market.

I have never seen quite a market as this one. For the first time ever, employers are giving high hiring bonuses to paralegals and other legal professionals – previously unheard of. These hiring bonuses are running anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 or more. Salaries are running 10-25% higher than pre-COVID. Good candidates are on the market a very short time, sometimes as little as just a week or two. They usually get inundated with multiple offers, counter offers or the original employer increasing salary and perks substantially.

Some of the perks that firms are giving include:

  • Hiring bonus
  • Increased benefits
  • Moving the candidate up a level in order to qualify for more expansive benefits i.e, more vacation
  • Free gym
  • Wellness center on site
  • Mental health workers – yep! It’s true
  • Bring your pet to work
  • Pet insurance
  • Tuition
  • Free breakfast
  • Taxi home and dinner when working late
  • Mentors
  • Professional dues
  • Recognition as Best Places to Work
  • Paralegals are invited to participate in associate-level trainings, practice specific trainings and lunches, as well as external training
  • Tuition Reimbursement/LSAT Preparation
  • Paralegal retreats atl A+ resorts (to resume after COVID)
  • Participation in pro-bono initiatives, for which they receive full-credit toward bonus targets
  • Fewer billable hours
  • 100% remote or hybrid
  • Opportunity to mentor jr. legal professionals
  • Opportunity to sit in the deal room or go to trial
  • Work lifesyle balance and reasonable billables
  • and many more

These AmLaw 100 firms (the top firms in the country and internationally) hire the best of the best lawyers from the top 20 law schools and out of the top 20 law schools, they only look at the top 10% of the grade. This leads to challenging assignments throughout the firm.

I can’t think of a better way to boost your career. It used to be that these firms would have the attitude, “Tell the candidate that they will get to work in a prestigious firm.” That is so far behind today’s market. Many of the candidates are already coming from prestigious firms, so this is definitely not a enticement to leave. Couple that with candidates fearful of COVID and other concerns.

This is the age of the “Great Resignations”. Workers no longer consider just salary as an incentive to leave. They are reconsidering what is important in life – family, enjoyment of life outside of the firm; going after their dream job. Many have turned to entreprenuership and are quite happy.

I don’t expect this market to continue. It could be another six months or a year. However, as COVID decreases (are you getting your vaccinations?), the market is most likely to return to pre-COVID days. Stellar benefits and hiring bonuses will most likely go away. If you are going to make a move, now is definitely the time to take advantage of an unusual pro-candidate market.

I am not even touching the importance of a beautifully written resume and persuading LinkedIn profile (all employers go to LinkedIn and check you out). That’s a story for another day.

If you are considering moving your career upwards instead of laterally (more of the same), now is the time. Here are just a few of the positions we have available. I encourage you, should you be qualified, to check these out. Unfortunately, firms are holding to their hiring requirements. So, if the requirements are five years’ experience in a law firm as a blankblank, anything less will not be considered. You simply cannot send a resume for, say, a corporate paralegal with a background of litigation or workers comp. Won’t happen. Guaranteed.


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