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"My Mommy is a Paralegal" - New Book for the Kids

My Mommy The question of what is a paralegal has been around since the career started.  Explaining it to an adult is one thing, but try explaining it to a child who has never seen a court room, judge or even an office building.  What does mommy do all day long, anyway?  The concept can be hard to grasp for a small child.

Loni Morganelli and I came up with a concept for a book for the 3-8 year old children of paralegals.  "My Mommy is a Paralegal" has delightful illustrations by Jessica Maturo.  Written by Loni Morganelli, the book explains in charming pictures and words, a day-in-the-life of a paralegal from the child's point of view.  We had a fun time putting it together and hope that kids and their parents love it as well.

For those who are dads, hang on....we're coming up with one for you too.  And, we've also published "My Mommy is a Lawyer" because we didn't want anyone to feel left out.

The softcover book is 24 pages long.  It's available at www.knowparalegal.com

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