"Paralegals and Smartphones"
"How Do You Decide What To Do from Your To Do List?"

Paralegal SuperConference with All-New Management Track

This Estrin Paralegal SuperConference (Los Angeles; March 8-9, 2007), has been designed specifically for paralegals seeking to advance their careers:

"Will you be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of your specialty?

"The success of your career will depend on your ability to respond to unprecedented -- some say alarming -- trends & conditions. Your ability to appropriately address just-emerging laws & technological challenges will, quite frankly, determine if you will be among those recognized as a MVP (Most Valuable Paralegal) in your organization.

"Key workshops include:

* 10 Essential Management Skills for Paralegals
* Everything I Know I Learned from Commercials
* The New Federal Discovery Laws
* Reverse Triangular Mergers
* How to Interview and Recruit Paralegal SuperStars"

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