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"Browser Upgrade: Singing Opera's Praises"

Are you getting tired of IE? I tried Flock recently & was impressed. But Opera sounds even better:

"Since its debut in 1997, the Opera Web browser has sought to be faster, leaner, more stable and more flexible than its competitors. Its market share is certainly lean -- about 1 percent. Attorney and media consultant Robert Ambrogi takes in Opera's latest staging, version 9.1, and applauds.


"First released in 1997 by the Norwegian company Opera Software, Opera has always sought to be faster, leaner, more stable and more flexible than any of its competitors. With the December release of version 9.1, it adds an improved layer of security and clever new features that further enhance its functionality, all in a free download that is only 4.9 MB in size.

"The big news in version 9.1 is Opera's greater protection against phishing -- fraudulent Web sites that try to steal your personal information. The latest versions of IE and Firefox also offer anti-phishing protection, but Opera is the only browser that teams up with both digital-certificate provider GeoTrust and phishing information clearinghouse PhishTank, a collaborative service that constantly collects data on suspicious URLs."

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