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"Increase Your Salary in 2007"

Here are "10 Expert Tips" on getting a higher salary from PayScale, provider of "global online compensation information":

"Determined to increase your salary in 2007? Follow these tips from Reesa Staten, vice president of communications and director of research at recruiting firm Robert Half International and Anna Ivey, a Boston-based career and admissions counselor, to increase your salary this year:

1. Get comfortable negotiating salary raises.
"'Women fall behind here, because they generally aren’t as aggressive and fall farther and farther behind with their salaries. You can’t be shy about asking to be paid what you’re worth,' Ivey said. Along these lines, she said, it’s important to keep detailed documentation of your achievements.


9. Sharpen your communication skills.
"'I don’t care what role you’re in. If you can read and speak well, you are way ahead of the pack,' Ivey said."

Good luck making a case for your well-deserved raise!

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