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Recent post from the UK's nearlylegal blog describes a familiar problem. Do you agree with this paralegal's solution?

"I currently have four solicitors giving me work. Regardless of what I explain about current workload, each insists that their work takes priority. Each then gets very annoyed when I do my own form of triage as to what gets done first and what gets delayed. I have to. They are individually incapable of accepting that their work might have to be done later, or by them.

"Let us get this straight, on the off chance they are reading. I am paid (badly) to do casework. This I do well. I am not paid (badly) to spend many extra hours supporting your demands to do work that is necessary because of your poor time management, or because you simply assumed that I would be able to do it.

"What would be professional would be to actually work out, between yourselves, how my workload is to be organised. I suggest you try it."