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"Legal Tech Expert E-Mails His Wish List to Santa"

And what a smart wish list this is. I also think those paralegals already familiar with this stuff are smart:

"Dear Santa,

"I've been a good boy this year. I spent all my time helping lawyers and judges with electronic data discovery (EDD) and studying really, really hard about electronically stored information (ESI) [PDF], data harvest, spoliation, de-duplication [scroll down], meet-and-confer [PowerPoint download], search tools, forms of production and computer forensics.

"I didn't use the word 'solution' in a single column.

"Please leave the following presents under my tree:


"3. May I have information technology training courses designed expressly for lawyers and litigation support, offering real depth and serious accountability for mastering the subject matter?"

Author Craig Ball, a member of the editorial advisory boards of both Law Technology News & Legal Technology, is a litigator & computer forensics/EDD special master.

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