Ever thought about working as a "Mechanical Turk"?
Britney Pre-nup 'Airtight'

New career opportunities for corporate paralegals!

And most new jobs were made possible by changes in technology:

"Throughout the past two decades, corporate law offices have undergone a quiet revolution. Increasingly sophisticated technology and a much more stringent legal and regulatory environment now provide paralegals with some wonderful opportunities. Many new job prospects involve employment in a section of corporate legal departments that goes by many names, including the office of the corporate secretary, legal entity management [PDF link], the corporate secretaries group and corporate compliance management.

"Like the names of their departments, the corporate paralegals who help run these offices have a variety of titles: corporate records administrator, financial analyst, senior corporate government specialist and manager of corporate information. But the diversity of names and titles doesn’t alter these offices’ and experts’ functions — the total management of their companies’ legal entity information."

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