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"How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Make You Sick?"

Yep, the answer to this question totally depends on the firm!

Plaintiff: Amy Seiler

Defendants: Harry J. Mulry Jr.; Gregory G. Shaub, doing business under the firm name Mulry & Shaub L.L.P.

Accusation: A paralegal toils for a small law firm and gets bouts of "stomach distress, headaches and disagreeable fits of temper." Oh, and don't forget those "digestive upsets."

"In a lawsuit [PDF] filed last week [11/16/2006] in Brooklyn Federal Court, Amy Seiler says her bosses at Mulry & Shaub in Port Washington negligently dragged their feet in hiring a replacement for an outgoing receptionist. And so for the next two months, Seiler was forced to work two jobs for the price of one."

Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? How would you have handled this situation?

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