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"Technology and Legal Secretaries"

Gift that's also a stress reliever!

OK, is it me? Or am I the only one who knows about 100 people who can use this new product?

"It’s no secret that lawyers lead incredibly stressful lives: they operate under relentless time pressures in an adversarial environment that breeds hostility, conflict and cynicism. Now, you can relieve your stress with Slam-A-Gavel.

"Slam-A-Gavel comes with a gavel, nine blocks with different stressors printed on each side, and a storage box with a square hole in the lid. Just select a block, insert it into the center of the storage box with the current stressor face-up, and close the lid. Then, in a cathartic moment of release, slam the gavel down on the chosen block. There, now, isn't that better?"

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