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Britney Pre-nup 'Airtight'

I'm not really a Britney fan, but it sounds like she's got a solid pre-nup agreement:

"She has been dismissed as simply a bubble-headed pop princess.

"So when Britney Spears filed for divorce last week after two stormy years of marriage to Kevin Federline - now dubbed Fed-Ex - many assumed it would cost the 24-year-old singer a hefty chunk of her reported £65million fortune.

"Britney wanted every penny protected by the pre-nup and ordered her vast legal team to draw up a list of all her worldwide assets, held in a myriad of companies including Britney Brands, BritneyFilms, Britney Online, Britney Touring, Fairy Zone Productions, One More Time Music and Britney Television."

Wow, she owns such a big empire!

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