1-800-Translate now supports foreign discovery translation
CRM software for law firms, managed by paralegals?

"Paralegal offers a new twist on a traditional job"

Will this news about going independent convince you to do the same?

"Paralegal Laura Hunt stumbled upon her career by accident.

"'I originally went to nursing school at WestConn for about a year, right out of high school in 1996, but I didn't really like it,' said Hunt, now 27.

"Nine years ago, the Brookfield woman decided to pursue other avenues and began looking for a job. She quickly found one with Brian Cotter, an attorney in Danbury.


"'I wanted something more challenging and I thought about law school, but at this point (and that might change) I don't really want to go back to school right now. Plus, I love what I do. I enjoy being a paralegal,' Hunt said.

"In January, Hunt decided to go ahead with her plan and open her own business as a freelance paralegal. Although the idea isn't a new one, it isn't very common either."

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