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Westlaw Announces Improved Navigation

"Law firms may try to capitalize on paralegal certification"

Very important article about paralegal regulation & how some firms might be taking advantage of certification to market services to their clients:

"Since last summer, paralegals in North Carolina have been able to apply for certification as a North Carolina Certified Paralegal, or NCCP. The designation means they have met the standards set by the state for the minimum knowledge paralegals should have. The certification is optional and is not needed for someone to call themselves a paralegal.

"But with so few having completed the process, the certification is drawing a distinction.


"Law firms say the certification program will help them ensure that all of their paralegals are well-educated and trained. Since it is optional, they also see potential benefit when negotiating with prospective clients.

"'It helps establish a baseline of quality,'" said Denise Gunter, the managing partner of the Winston-Salem office of Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough."

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